Nighttime raiders, continued


So was hit tonight, again, on a newly wiped server.
I had double walls this time, so yeah… shitloads of C4.

Raiders knew where everything was, stair on one side of the house, barricade climb on the other, was hit between 01:00 and 06:00 today so probably Americans.

It wouldnt have mattered if we would have had time to put up build-blockers because stairs wouldve been swapped for barricades and the ammount of doors we had were almost as many as the walls the blew.

Do you NEED a metal house for storage?
Anyone have ANY advice on how to survive this?

What can you do? The game is still Alpha and they need to balance it much more. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. That is something even the devs posted on Trello, so they know it is a problem but it won’t get addressed until everything else is ironed out, at least that’s my guess.

Thats the stupidest thing Ive ever heard.
Of course they want their alpha testing to be an enjoyable phase for players because its word-of-mouth thats the best marketting at the end of the day. If 5 people out of every 150 on every server enjoy the game then it wont sell when it hits the market.

Im not complaining about a guy having a gear advantage or ganking me or any other gameplay mechanic, Im asking if its survivable in any way at all?

We can make explosives and C4 on this server, we could easily just farm, hide and then grief people to move out, but that doesnt seem like something Id like to spend 10 hours on knowing Ill be back to square one tomorrow.

Survival strat: Meet people at different times on the server. Form a ‘bond’ with them and attempt to friend them and see where that leads. If it works out, chances are you’ll have someone always on who’s part of your group to watch the shit and make sure it doesn’t go kaboom.

Not guaranteeing this, but it’s an idea… you can only build on it from there or deconstruct it however you like to attempt to solve for x.

Nope, you cant have to have 3-4 people from every timezone to be protected. Thought that was why the game actually had doors? To be able to keep people out?

As it is now we need hack-protection and some workaround for C4 spamming.

At least make C4 NON-STACKABLE so people would need an inventory full of C4 to be able to clean you out.

C4 stacks to 5.

Either way you have to judge how much you need and if you’re willing to lose that when you take it with you.