Nighttime suggestion

I have a suggestion for night time in rust. As we know, night time is completely debilitating to your vision. this has pros and cons but for the most part it requires you to run back to your base and find something to craft/go afk for 15 minutes.

my suggestion: you should be able to SOMEWHAT see about 10 feet in front of you in the dark. this is realistic as humans would be able to do this in the real world.

this would allow you to find your base when u are 10 feet away from it. torches burn out and are quite expensive to craft. you can’t always have a torch on you. we need SOME way to be able to navigate just a LITTLE bit. you can’t even see in your own base without lighting.

also, cheaters have an even more ridiculous advantage in the dark, and we know cheaters exist in rust.

if we could just have a tiny bit of vision in a small area it would greatly improve gameplay while still keeping the elements desired of the night time.

Miner’s hat, candle hat and torch. These are all solutions to your problem. Maybe not ideal when you don’t want to be discovered by other players and groups but that is the risk you would take in real life if you wanted to see.

Partial visibility can be abused though

Maps are great for nighttime navigation.

Radiation in rad towns should go down at night and “good” loot spawns. Would encourage people to come out and “play”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Or on full moons.

miners hat, candle hat, and maps can’t be used by new spawns.

‘partial visibility can be abused though’ …???..??? by whom? ABUSED? what? if you want to talk about visibility abuse, how about hackers with esp in darkness? thats some real abuse. being able to make out basic shapes of trees/rocks/boxes/etc in a small radius around you seems legit for everyone. i honestly dont understand what you mean by your comment whatsoever

I’m pretty sure they made maps a default bp recently, when they made it 5 paper instead of 10.

i guess it would make the game prone to gamma abuse again

Na I manage just fine, the torch gives you more than 10m of vision use that. Can’t be asked with people seeing in pitch black darkness just because they turn their gamma up. There is enough tools ingame to solve the problem.