Nightvision! Yes, Gamma still works.

Don’t hate me, everyone who was already interested already knows.

Thanks for posting here, maybe garry will fix sooner now

There will likely always be some trick to get better visibility. This one doesn’t seem too effective, so eh.

I tried this today a little. I actually really liked the way this looked. Everything is kind of misty and foggy looking, and you still can’t see people when you’re really close. Even at a distance they’re just a silhouette, and if they stand in front of an object you can’t see them.

I spotted a guy in the distance that ran right next to me and didn’t see me because I was crouching up against a rock. I took a shot with my bow but he moved just in time. It was very tense because at that distance he could have easily ducked and hidden from me, but then if I tried to run away he might have seen me and taken a shot.

It’s not really that much of an advantage, but it’s enough that you can harvest at night and sort of see people.

They have already posted on twitter that they are increasing the minimum draw distance to 250 to combat this trick. Will likely be in the next update.

That is not gamma…and they already patched this in development :wink:

400 worked fine for him lol

Tried it on 250 and it still worked ok.

This IS using gamma. You can’t see it in the video but it is enabled. Low draw distance- 400 or lower (250 is great btw) combined with brightening of gamma and you can see very well. I think the night effect using gamma is actually somewhat realistic and looks good. I just don’t believe it should be so dark you can’t play. I’ve been cranking brightness settings in games as long as it has allowed because I am tired of not being able to see anything. I need to see something.

gamma still works… a bit harder to see at 12am, but other than that, doesn’t really have an effect.

It sucks as it seems to have altered the colours early in the morning/late at night. looks washed out, and quite unattractive.

Draw distance should be 1k min

No, you want to see something.

I hope they do something like increase the fog and shade it black to fix this issue.

Will this affect players with weaker machines? Draw distance appears to have no bearing on my fps.

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Yes, I want to see it. It’s my “need” as a gamer. I’m likely to log off and play something else if I can’t see anything at all. I think it is realistic to be able to see a bit at night. With the moon out in the country, I can see pretty well- Rust shouldn’t be different if they are going for realism.

I’ve thought about this before too, and would like to see how it works. Just having a black or blue fog that would get creep up on you as the sun was setting would be interesting. It would basically be like setting your draw distance to 50 and instead of it being white/blue it would be black.

Then make that small visible area bright enough so that everyone can see enough so that gamma users wouldn’t really have an advantage.

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It only affects my framerate if I drop it to 50. Anything above that doesn’t make a difference.

i think the point is to have a certain amount of visibility so players don’t “have” to resort to gamma buffing. there are tools in place, the reason players don’t use them is because they make them targets for attackers. tweak the natural light source, the moon, like it was many updates back where it could light the entire plains and you will see people not only working at night, but not complaining about “having” to use a torch.

at the same time, i think they should continue removing the benefits of tweaking your gamma, so it can’t be exploited. that way they can tweak the light sources and see the real results of the changes.