NightZ is a DayZ type gamemode that will be free. It is being worked on by Adzter and me.

* Hunger/Thirst sytem
* Bleeding
* Local Talk
* Inventory System
* Custom Character creation
* MySQL saving access
* Custom footsteps
* Diary/Personal Log (WIP)
* Death Screen (WIP)
* Legs
* Clothes (Finished)
* Each job has their skills (Less chance of bleeding, faster running, etc.)

Console Loading:


Character Creation:

Inventory with hotbar:


Valkyrie - Legs mod
Atmos Owner
DarkRP Owner


I really like that character creation screen idea, nice work

Nice! Love the character creation screen!

What maps do you think you’ll be using? That new one, rp_lp_fork looks like it would be work well.

Provided there’s a navmesh, server owners can use whichever maps they want, we’re planning on making everything not rely on hardcoded map coords. We’ve been testing on rp_stalker however


Looking forward to it! Though, in comparison to similar gamemodes, how do you think yours holds up?

We don’t know, all we want to do is make a working gamemode like dayz that is free and enjoyable. In the end, it is up to the user of what they like.

When do you think it will be finished?

Right now we are trying to get clothes to work, after that I will finish up a few class specific things, and most likely it will be public after that. So a time, I would saw about 3 days to a week depending on how lazy we (Adzter) gets.

He is also working on a wiki that explains all the functions for developers and stuff.

Awesome cant wait for it.

Have you thought of putting this on a public repository so people can assist you in the development of the gamemode? I would love to help with this gamemode.

Also, I really like the approach of the gamemode and the character creation especially, great job!

My criticism would be the HUD style, maybe you could go minimal and take inspiration from DayZ (the mod, especially) and use icons which respond with your health/hunger/bleeding status.

Have you guys considered having a public got if you want it to be open? I’d love to contribute stuff on occasion and I’m sure others would.

We’ve just been keeping it on a private BitBucket repo for the time being but since people are interested here’s the details:


To setup the gamemode just shove it into the gamemodes folder and:
1.) Ensure you have MySQLOO installed.
2.) Import the SQL file into your database
3.) Edit the following file to add MySQL details: gamemode / core / database / sv_database.lua

As a note, we’re trying to keep everything in it’s own separate folder inside /gamemode/core. Inside there if you make an sv_.lua file it’ll automatically be loaded on the server, sh_.lua it’ll auto load on both client and server and cl_* will automatically be loaded on the client and addcslua’d.

EDIT: Just try to keep the documentation to the same style if at all possible, if there’s any questions about the code just ask.

EDIT: Seems tyguy is salty or jealous, or both

I’m liking the character creation screen. The flowery background behind the model looks meh, but this is looking great.

Oh, yeah, and one more thing: I see from the Trello that you’re using the FA:S 2.0 Alpha SWEPs. The base has a whole bunch of options, and they ought to be standardized. You might want to try looking into editing the base so that it can’t be changed.

I’ll look into it, thanks for the suggestion

-snip- seems like slot of people use the same exact shit

Fantastic hotbar functionality. As for clothing, I’ve used PAC3 to handle armor/gun holsters, it isn’t the best method but it works. Other things to look at: Bodygroups, Models with custom animation sequences (Prone and such)
I might be able to help out, if you need any.

Picture from a similar gamemode I created over the space of two months:

I have not seen the code yet, but I have never understood why people freak out when certain snippits are used from other people’s work. There’s only so many ways of doing something. Of course this could be different, considering Gmod DayZ is sold.


for _, folder in SortedPairs(folders, true) do
    if folder == "." or folder == ".." or DarkRP.disabledDefaults["modules"][folder] then continue end

    for _, File in SortedPairs(file.Find(fol .. folder .. "/sh_*.lua", "LUA"), true) do
        AddCSLuaFile(fol .. folder .. "/" .. File)
        if File == "sh_interface.lua" then continue end
        include(fol .. folder .. "/" .. File)

    for _, File in SortedPairs(file.Find(fol .. folder .. "/sv_*.lua", "LUA"), true) do
        if File == "sv_interface.lua" then continue end
        include(fol .. folder .. "/" .. File)

    for _, File in SortedPairs(file.Find(fol .. folder .. "/cl_*.lua", "LUA"), true) do
        if File == "cl_interface.lua" then continue end
        AddCSLuaFile(fol .. folder .. "/" .. File)

Many gamemodes use the same coding style for loading files.

Ah, I forget where I’d taken the loading code from, thanks for the reminder, I’ll be sure to add credit when I’m next at my PC

Reminds me of that 2D zombie game: Rebuild.

Is that where you got your inspiration from?