Niko Bellic (Grand Theft Auto IV)

What does this include?

One Niko Bellic from Grand Theft Auto IV[ul]
[li]Finger posing (All 10 fingers rigged nicey by Bloocobalt)[/li][li]Ball Posing (Of the eye variety)[/li][li]Face posing (Some very basic flexes to do stuff with)[/li][li]Body groups (Change his shirt, pants and shoes.)[/li][li]Super flexibility (for flexing his abilities)[/ul][/li]

He has other clothes?
Yes. Use S-low’s Bodygroup Changer to mix & match different clothing.


If you have any pictures you make, link me and I’ll post it here.

:siren:Important List of Credits for their Help & Content:siren:
Rockstar Games - for the game
bloocobalt - Shitload of stuff
simkas - Flexible .PHY model

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Its about time, great job Dean

Except for the last picture


Since when was it S-low’s bodygroup changer? He can’t even code bodygroups propperly ¬.¬

Nice model though ^^

Now all we need is roman.

A proper Roman

H4lf-D3ad’s had Breen hands and no face posing

We also need some other guys like gay toni, luis lopez, johnny.
I know theres a luis but i dont know if he has faceposing or finger posing, i’ll check then.

Oh my god finally, great job

Nicely done.

Glad you finish it!

How is the bank robbers?

I have been out all day and left steam open so I couldnt see the chat im on phone, so is it good?

Oh hey, you finished it. Did you fix the problem with the face?



Lol, that bugs me out

Seperate playermodels please- avoid using model subgroups (They suck)


Great model nonetheless.

I don’t make these for player models. Get somebody else to do them.

your pictures always crack me up dean

-snip- found it

why the hell do you guys beg and moan for playermodels, half the time you’re not even paying attention to the model, or you’re not even looking at it.

I think a lot of people use player models for machinima and stuff now.