Niko Bellic player model for CS:S!! Texture requests open

Credits: Rockstar Games, Insert989, polodave, r0b

Basically this is an skin for CS:S from Niko Bellic, ported from GTA 4

The ripper is Insert989

The second variation is made by polodave, r0b, and me


Uploaded with

Uploaded with


Texture requests open!

WOW, good job

playing gta 4 right now


Having him in CS:S is something what we expect from all this.

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Isn’t this made by s-low?
AKA this

also to be honest there’s something very weird this s-low version contains niko only but this contains the s-low one and the one with different costume.

You really need to see the title, CS:S

and dude, S-Low not only made it to Gmod, he ported it from Rockstar Games greatest hit, GTA 4