Niko Bellic walking with a gun

Guys I think Im losing it. really what Im gonna ask you guys is for ideas or something PM please


and Please If you can and I give you permission If this picture sucked
I want you to tell Me That it sucked and flame about it to
cause for some reason that stuff makes me wanna do better

The posing looks quite dynamic and similar to the animations in GTA IV, only the clipping with the foot and the ground looks quite noticeable, also I can’t see it very well but I’m not sure the right foot (his right) is well posed.

Zoom dat camera in.

Yep walk pose is perfect imo, the rain’s not very noticeable but I guess this is fine.

Thanks guys for the positive comments and any effects like rain muzzle flash or smoke I just use ingame stuff or the particle control tool. simple dof kinda messed up the rain for me

Wow, the walk pose is almost identical to the one Niko uses in GTAIV.
Amazing job on that.

Just zoom the camera in and tilt it a little to the left and it’s perfect. Could do some shadowing for even more dramatic effect. And yes, the posing is really good.

two minutes after that picture was taken he went bowling

Steady posing there. Like the atmosphere.

Really nice.

Really nice posing! But you should focus more on Niko, zoom in a bit.