Niko come back man!!

I lold. Improve posing a little and better speech-bubbles.

yes but niko is hard to pose

He is not russian

I found it funny. Niko’s Serbian, by the way.

But yeah, improve posing.

I know he is not Russian. he is Serbia and that. I have read he was in something Russian war

He was in the kosovo conflict.

The Pose is awful thats now how people run

Why is the text randomly smudged?


If you weren’t a smug asshat, then you’d know that it was the person’s attempt at making it seem like Niko is running. Sure it doesn’t make sence, but you know that’s why he did it.

He smudged the text to make it look like Niko is running? Wow that’s dumb idea. No wonder I didn’t guess why he did it.

thats one big bowling ball!

You’re a Faggot, Sir.

Also, the smudged text really is a bad idea.

i lol’d but it doesen’t look like realistic running.

he’s russian enough. shut up all of you.

also, the pose needs some work. he seems to be running really stiff-like.

Niko looks like he’s trying to clench his buttcheeks while running.

I think the smudge on the letters is supposedly displaying his accent, imo. But hey, if you need some help on the font you can use Google to find some. Also, try and work on the speech bubbles as well. Nobody likes to see something that looked like it was done in MS Paint. Lastly, here’s some pictures of people running if you need help.

Oh, I spot smudge tool in the lower right corner. :buddy:

i done it in photoshop. and i was tired

Go to bed and edit it in the morning.

Worst excuse in the history of excuses.