Niko flying, shooting trought the walls

A guy called Niko on server Amsterdam is shooting, flying, walking trought the walls. We got killed when we were between 4 armored walls. He was on hacking rampage for more than 1-2 month. That proves that system is not working at all.

This is his steam ID:

And you say system is working?

p.s: i will post pictures tommorow when i get back from work. I have screenshots of him walking trough the walls and everything with nick on his head!

Niko stopped shooting at us when fry fry and Kid said something in russian.

On this picture you can see that this guy is really a Niko.

He apparently noticed that i was making screenshots and he stopped before going in, but if you look closer you can see him a little bit in a wall

On this two pictures you can nicely see that he just went trough the walls to the other side.

Niko again.

On those pictures you can see that he can jump more than 1 floor up

And when he got down from a jump he go 1/3 in wall.

Hope that will be enough for banning him. Pictures prove a lot.

Cousin, lets go bowling!

I have posted the pictures as promised yesterday.