"Nikolai, Anna, Ivan, Mikhail..."

A soviet communication station during the Cold War.
Thanks to Prototype for the help !

This looks so detailed.

awesome theme/subject

Really nice work.

No problem, happy to help. Came out good.

Really nicely done, and interesting to see something so different from the norm in terms of subjects.

Funny thing is that if I never had found the Comrack model on the far left, this pose would have never even been in my head.

Always nice to see something different. Have a winner, kamerad!

Did you forget to edit out the green-screen, or was it supposed to be green over there?

judging by the light radiating off the screen/thing i’m guessing it’s supposed to be green. looks like a monitor to me.

Actually it’s a monitor.

This is awesome!

I just came to have a look at screenshots after not doing so for several months.
god damn you’ve gotten way better

I feel like someone wouldn’t use Nikolai and Mikhail so close together. Probably Nikita Mikhail would make more sense imho :stuck_out_tongue:

Like the pose otherwise

“Nikolai, Anna, Ivan, Mikhaïl, etc…” actually is a real soviet/russian code. Basically the full code consists of some Russian names and numbers, with regular “beeps” between them. That code is used since the beginning of the Cold War to warn the soviet/russian military personnel of the military bases located in Russia about the explosion of a foreign nuclear missile in Russia. If that happens, the signal just stop and tells all unit to prepare for war.

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Fuck, I just explained what is audible in the video above :disgust: