Nikolai the Terrorist...

Nice done! But where did you get the Riot shield (well, all) models?

It would be better if the muzzle flash was not hiding his face. The posing is good, but try to get a better angle next time.

i ported nikolai
i got those models somewhere, i dunno sorry

Too clearly

But Nikolai is the nice guy… :frowning:
I agree that the muzzleflash is hiding his face too much. Also the pic looks a bit empty.

Having not played the game, I have no idea who Nikolai is but, judging from the comments, you shouldn’t have covered up the main character in the pose’s face with a muzzleflash.

Ddok nr2.

The posing is okay I guess, but the muzzleflashes covering their faces is kinda silly, and the camera angle is bad.

i played :lol:
do you even know about cod4?

Someone has informed me that Nikolai is a character in CoD4, a game I have in fact played. I think it goes to show how dull and two-dimensional all of the characters are, seeing as the only name I can remember is the one related to cleaning products.

If you have played Cod 4 and 6 why did you put Nikolai on to the same side with the Russians?

I get it he was an informant in Cod 4 and early to the game was on ultranationalist side, but blew his cover and was rescued by SAS.
And in Cod 6 he worked on SAS side against the Russians.

So siding him with Russians in this pic doesn’t make much sense.