Niko's Escape

Alright here is My last Picture Until summer is over

The helicopter had some material problem but I like to think of it as Awesome Pink Rotors

I liked it A bit
but do you guys like it And if not feel free to tell me it sucks


It needs anti aliasing.
I’m not interested with these things, but the edges look really bad.
Posing is great with everything else.

I did not notice the edges being all fugly

and thank you

Yea next time up them AA :smiley:
Maybe some SDoF would help for something like this. Looks a bit empty everwhere else, maybe some more SWAT on the roofs around the backround. I love this picture though. Posing is spot on.

You should do something before summer ends. Summer is barely over.

what is that purple stuff up there?

These MW2 models have pink rotors, like the texture is missing (which is probably happening!)

  • Anyway, looks cool. Could be more awesome if -THEY- were shooting at him.