Nîmes 61 AD

This is an interesting turn in subject matter, I like it. I feel the ground is really lacking though. It’s this very prominent element in the scene that falls flat because it’s so blank. There’s a lot of dead space that the eye wanders back to because of how much it stands out

Very interesting to see some Roman Empire stuff here. Nice work Hoopty!

I’d suggest using some of Crazy Knife’s detailed walls for the ground. They look much more realistic

Really not feeling the ground.

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Bricks aren’t wavy.

That’s not really a turn, I have done Rome themed scenes for a while, back when I was too stupid to realise that a pillum doesn’t work like a spear.

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I know, I did the ground prop myself using Blender and a displacement map, it worked well for the 2 first props I made, but this one turned weird for some reason.