Updates will be on top for now on.
Update : Depeche Mode is added i cancled the vote
Update 10/23/09: If this goes well then i will hot the NIN/GM tour. Venus on maps that people request. Would be great to have your brand new map released and have the show on it for the first time anybody plays. Thanks.

I’m going to host the world’s first live concert for garry’s mod. But I need help. I 've got the map I 've got the bands but i NEED Staff.
First off here are the bands

Opening - Combichrist
Main - Nine Inch Nails

I don’t care if you don’t like the bands I just care to know if you want to help.
The music is going to be ran through wire sound emitters hooked up to many speekers around the map ,rp_ concert NIN,.I will release a pack with erverything you will need to show up including songs.
Director/host/sound+lights = Me

Security:Someone who shoots anybody who wants to play mean, jump on stage, or cause any disruption of the show. This spot is semi open but can use more. tomeron2

Server host= it would be great if someone could assist me in hosting because i dont know how my internet will hold with many people. Infinity1995 has currently taken this space

Stage helpers= if something gets knocked over on stage you run and put it back- open

back up lights = someone that helps me with the light but half to have knowlage of the real lighting for both bands.-open

Food booth = just to add some extra realism but not needed-open

People control = if the band spots dont fill up you need to control the empty spaces with ragdolls and thrusters- open

Combichrist= these positions are not needed but would make it better than using ragdolls
- Drummer 1 Sit down you can have the stage view of the show,bang your head, trash the stage at the end of combichrist set, and go out on stage during the nin show + help them trash the nin set. -open
-Keys/ sound=me so i could change the songs from the boards.
- Singer = grab the mic stand and jump around and give extra power in the show + have all the powers of drummer 1 - open

             - 2nd drums stand up bang on the drums with your crowbar or something and have all the powers as drum 1- open

Nine inch nails= these positions are not needed but would make it better than using ragdolls
-drummer same as combi drummer but dont go on the stage during their show- open
- keys me for same reasons as combi
- Singer same as combi but less active-open
- guitar hold the guitar throw the guitar as long as you have a back up- open
- bass sam as^ - open

rules -
Have fun
Thats it so far so reply with any questions.

PS Im working on a setlist now. And it would be nice if someone could pull off the playermodels for the show.

NIN Final setlist

  1. 1,000,000/ 6:24
  2. Ruiner/ 4:49
  3. Hershey / 3:56
  4. The Warning / 3:49
  5. survivalism/ 5:13
  6. march of the pigs / 3:11
  7. Burn/ 5:34
  8. Gave Up/ 6:22
  9. Suck/ 4:46
  10. The Big Come Down / 4:01
  11. The Line Begins To Blur/ 3:34
  12. The Hand That Feeds / 3:33
  13. Only / 4:48
  14. God Given / 3:53
  15. Metal / 6:53
  16. Eraser / 4:41
  17. Sin / 4:15
  18. Closer/ 4:24
  19. Discipline / 4:26
  20. Head Like A Hole + Outtro~~ / 4:30
  21. The Day The Whole World Went Away / 6:21
  22. Hurt / 4:48
  23. In This Twilight (Zero Sum Outtro) 5:49
  24. Now I’m Nothing / 7:24 (This and terrible lie are togather)
  25. Terrible Lie /
  26. The Becoming / 5:22
  27. Wish / 5:20(Final outtro combichrist Joins NIN for this one.)

So the NIN set is about 2 hr
I’ll make the combichrist set shorter
Combichrist Set as of now
UPDATE ON Combichrist setlist
1.All Pain Is Gone
2.This is my rifle
3.Today I Woke In A Rain Of Blood
4.Get Your Body Beat
6.This Sht Will F$k You Up
7.Shut Up And Swollow
8.What The F*%K Is Wrong With You

Sounds like a neat idea, I’d love to be Security if this goes on.

Contact me on Steam - tomeron2

Pick more than one band. I don’t want to go to a NIN concert.

Note the combichrist throughout the whole description. And I might even ADD depeche mode before combichrist if we get alot of staff.


ok your on security now.

NIN concerts are pretty cool, I went to their “last tour ever” a few months ago…


Would be nice if you add me on Steam, though. Or at least tell me your Steam name :wink:

Im not going to be on steam for a wile so I’ll add you when I get back on

I’ll host the server, add me on steam: modegg

This seems a good idea, I may also check out the map and maybe make it better.

No problem


Btw, if I learn abit of llua and have some time I may make a gamemode

Thanks but do you actually have a server or are you just clicking create server and do you mean your going to edit the map in hammer. Thanks

A gamemode would be cool but I want it to be a special event but with a gamemode it would help keep people calm

Yea, I own a fully dedi 28 slot server

hammers the only way to edit the map

the gamemode will be simple a few teams, and a beautiful custom HUD

There is already a NIN concert map, I’m not sure if it was publicly released though, the quality was fairly high, so if you can get your hands on it, you won’t need to put up with some shitty, two-second effectspammed stage. Oh and pyroteknix for fireworks :eng101:

That is the map I’m useing I wouldn’t use anything eles and fireworks is abit too much for a nin show.


And infinity1995 you have the sever space

Well, just for the record, I have oodles of DJing software, so if you need any sort of stuff like that, I can set it up for you.

Don’t worry I got the sofware to but thanks for the support.

Nice I’d like to be apart of this. Maybe a stage helper or a person that works on the food booth. Probably will need to make a new map or as hexpunK said above find that one…Though if you could find a mapper the map could be exactly how you want it.

I have the map and if someone would be willing to make a map then it would have to be lights in the sky tour

Nice but how would they pull of the special screen?

That would be up to them

NIN songs to add: The Becoming, Reptile, Gave Up, Suck, The Perfect Drug, Sunspots, Metal, Somewhat Damaged, Pilgrimage, Starfuckers Inc., Underneath It All, Eraser, Sin.

Can’t tell I’m a NIN fan, can you?