Ninja Citizens

Well, I surfed and, and I couldn’t find any ninja models (I only found an ugly cat) so I decided to reskin the citizens.

You don’t have to overwrite anything (I hope) so you can just delete it when you are finished with it. Also, it could be perfect if someone would hex it :stuck_out_tongue:

Filefront download:;7878047;;/fileinfo.html download:

Fucking awesome, But please hex them…

But I don’t know how to hex :’(

I can hex, but I’m bored.

But can you please do it?

awesome. hex :downs:

Awesome skin, it’s the first ninja skin I’ve seen too.

Pretty awesome, never thought of it my self:D

I’ll PM it to you so you release it.

Thanks a lot dude :smiley:

What is hexing exactly?

I don’t know why, but they make me laugh. A lot of things do that to me.

They kinda look like ninja henchmen, like from a cartoon or something.

Haha, you’re right!

GMAN: “Tonight I dine on turtle soup.”

When you f.x. make a reskin of a model into a real model.

this looks great and i would download them if they didn’t replace the defalt skins

Is it possible to hex a player model to employ a ninja skin? Because I would definitely have a use for that.

I think so, but I’m not sure.

“Is it hexed yet?”
“Is it hexed yet?”
“Is it hexed yet?”
“Is it Hexed yet?”
“Is it he-”
“Shut the fuck up!”

But, really, Is it hexed yet?

Oh, oh! Make a ninja map!!