Ninja Nick vs. Zombies 2

HD for better quality.
(Music in annotations)

That was great, you deserve more attention than people like kitty.

Also, please don’t sign your posts or threads.


liked the anime adaption.

If this was recorded using FRAPS, dear god don’t use Half-size if you can.

Besides from that, it was a great video, not too random, and quite a few clever jokes were in there.

Dish detergent was funny and original. Enjoyed it a lot!

Yeah, I’m new to using Vegas which uses 60 fps. I always recorded 30 fps because Camtasia could handle it, note taken for future vids.

you my Friend…you are a Fucking GENIUS!


EPIC this was awesome dude, keep up the good work!

Thanks for the feedback! I’m glad people enjoy my work, it’s all for the viewers.