Ninja on gm_construct (updated some textures. And ninja'd.)

I love how this turned out. The texture and the pose. Also, first time using Super Depth of Field!
Also, there’s an Easter-egg in this picture. Find it and win a cookie.

Don’t critique the pose, just comment that. I’m really wanting texturing tips.

The ninja looks kinda like an easter-egg. Did I win?

No. :v:

Is it that the sword is edited in? I’m just trowing this one out there. :downs:

nope, but it is about the sword. And it’s not edited it.

The Terrorist-Like Mask?

Screenshots has one more guess.

Is it the Ninja or close to him?
Meh. This isn’t a guess, give us a hint!

It’s part of the sword.

I’m kinda bad with making easter eggs, by the way. So I don’t know if you guys will get it.

Is that randy jacksons autograph on the end??

Close enough, Flowers.

And it’s funny 'cause that’s a male holding the sword :girlv: (if yah didn’t get it.)

Here’s your cookie, media-tagged for hugeness.

a cookie was on the blade?


wait who is flowers

There are flowered on the handle, the cookie is the reward. (really, it’s just a cookie I felt like posting :v:)


Flowers are the manliest things you can put on a weapon.

I want a gun that shoots flowers.

This cookie looks better than the other ones. hmm… cookies…

That’s no ninja. :mad:

And why “is that no ninja :mad:”?

Forkman asked me to bump this for him.


Since when do you see ninjas?

Now these are ninjas