ninja or mechanic? you decide

hey everyone im getting some stuff together for a gmod comic/video series im making and i need you opinian. here is a picture of yuffie from kingdom hearts 1:

and i need to know if i should make her a ninja which is what she’s supposed to be, or a mechanic, which is what i think she looks like. i got plenty ninja and mechanic possibilitys so dont worry putting her as one will not remove the other role from the comics/videos, but i need to know which job you guys think she should have :stuck_out_tongue:



Oversexualized Little Tart I Mean Look At Her She Was Asking For It

@fisher ok your vote is cast. also its funney cause there is a teacher in my school, i dont have him but he’s my friends science teacher also fisher :stuck_out_tongue:

@ghostwork what the crap? the closest role to a prostitute in the comic/video series i have planed is the principal :stuck_out_tongue:

@sestze mabye she was, but she didnt get it so dont post unless it has something to do with the actual thred not the pic i found for it.

mybe she shuld b a ninja mechanic cuz that woud b so cool an supa kawaiiii ^___^

I smell a rabid fanboy.

Make her a mechanic who is absolutely terrible at her job, but is kept on at the garage because she gives all the other mechanics free sex.



…yyou know what? i like kybalts idea better. she’ll be both