Ninja Ripper and Deus Ex: Human Revolution questions

I’m considering using Ninja Ripper to get some of the weapon models from Deus Ex: Human Revolution, but I was wanting to ask a few things first. I haven’t exactly used this program yet, so I thought it would be better to ask before I get into something that could potentially cause problems down the road. Since I’ll be asking based on the answers I receive, I’ll start with one question and see where it goes.

Has anyone actually used this program with the game, or is it still untested on DE:HR? If it’s untested, is there anything you recommend before I start using the program?

I think there’s UV errors.

Well, I managed to rip the combat rifle as a tester, so I’ll see if the UV is broken or not. If it is, then I’ll try adjusting the UV coordinates in Ninja Ripper to see how that works out.

Well, the model did import just fine, and I know what texture file to use. I just need to figure out what coordinates to use when importing and I might be able to get it working.