Ninja Ripper and Sketchfab

Of late, I have heard an update came out prevent ninja ripper to actually rip anything from the site, I have tried today and it never worked or properly that is. The rips come out flattened and also destroyed, is there a way around this or maybe just have to wait for ninja ripper to be updated?


Probably, Artstation is kinda still working though.

Cheers, I will look there then

with destroyed i assume you mean with polygons missing or random holes throughout the model? if so that can be fixed, i don’t know why it rips from Sketchfab like that, but it also will get the missing particles as a separate .rip file if you attempt it enough, i’m able to still do it with Ninja Ripper, they should import in the correct places when ripped that way

They become flatten and bent and I can’t fix it, what I heard they did an update to do this. Unless it is only me, then someone could rip something for me. But otherwise have to wait for an update for Ninja Ripper.