Ninja Ripper - Final fantasy 13-2

I downloaded ninja ripper for Final fantasy 13-2 models
but when i launch the game and press my rip key F10, nothing happens at all

I also tested 3Dvia printscreen

If u are willing to have some help u should at list give us some more infos.
What OS do u have?, did u try some versions of ninja ripper? and what version do u have?
Did u test it with the last version 1.6? If i remember well the file format shold be quite known,
so u should be able to extract and convert the model files if u search a bit on xentax forum, using various tools (like quickbms and noesis, etc.).

Noesis can Read FF13-2 stuff.

I’ll eventually get you a guide on how to do it.

That would be appreciated, since I also planned to extract some bits and pieces from XIII-2 myself.

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If you also cover the extraction guide for original XIII and Lightning Returns, that would be a very awesome.

Just download noesis

then click on the archive files inside the final fantasy directory and noesis will extract them for you.
then just click on the model files in noesis.

Iirc 13-2 uses some encryption. Also I do not know if the plugins have been updated for the pc version

I understand that I’m late at this but yes, 13-2 (PC) is encrypted but I managed to decrypt it’s filelist and successfully extracted all of it’s content (white_scrc and white_imgc) with ffxiiicrypt and ff13tool that I found on Xentax. But unfortunately, latest version of Noesis (4.232) doesn’t support PC version of XIII’s .trb files (XIII and XIII-2, I haven’t checked LR yet).

Even worse, the author who worked on Noesis won’t be planning to support PC files for XIII trilogy unless he changed his mind to do so, or if someone’s willing to create a plugin for it.