ninja ripper help

I would like to know how to make good use of ninja ripper and know which games work. I tried to use on 2 games but it does not work!

If intruder doesn’t work, try one of the wrappers.

What games have you tried it on?

If it didn’t work on the two games you tried it on, try fiddling around with the settings for Ninja Ripper if you haven’t already. If you already tried changing your settings for Ninja Ripper and still had no success with those two games, then chances are that those two games aren’t supported. And like Joe said, try using one of the wrappers instead if the intruder setting doesn’t work.

As for a list of games, there aren’t really any lists that have been made, so that’s a bit of a guessing game. I know of a few games that it seems to work with (Deus Ex: Human Revolution/DE:HR - Missing Link, Battlefield 3 and maybe Battlefield 4 - haven’t really heard much about BF4 and NR, The Evil Within to an extent, and I think the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow games), but others would have to fill in the blanks for rest. It’s mostly just guess work for finding the games that Ninja Ripper can rip from, so you just have to give it a shot for the games you have interest in.

one is a game that has already been done, the witcher 2 and the other is warhammer 40k kill team

I thought about doing a list here? write games in which you did it!

It seems that NinjaRipper only works with DX 7/8/9 games. Any modern games that aren’t part of the Battlefield series either crash or end up with garbage UVs.

This is just from my personal experience though.

Uhh, I’ve gotten Ninja Ripper to work with both Far Cry 3 and Blood Dragon. I had to use the wrappers. However sometimes I believe that steam and/or Uplay block out the ripper with the preparing to launch crap, so I suggest you look for a workaround those.