Ninja Ripper on Windows Apps?

is it possible to use Ninja Ripper on games that launch through the Microsoft Windows app, they won’t launch if i try to launch the .exe from the source on my computer, only through the Windows App, i have windows 8 and windows 10 on a different pc, i was wondering agaiin for a possibility to rip from games like Project Spark/Conker’s Big Reunion or Killer Instinct that are only on the Windows Store

I have also been trying to figure this out for the same reason! I tried creating an exe file using this method and ninja ripper will load the game but it won’t rip anything when i try.

edit: Weird here is a new link

just noticed this had a reply, but yeah i still can’t figure out how to do it, would be great for alot of others besides Project Spark even, like Quantum Break coming out as well for Windows

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when i pick that link it says Page not found now though