Ninja ripper texture problem?

I am having this problem:

I am pretty sure you can see the difference here, any ideas?

Those look like broken UVs. You’ll have to search for the correct UV combination in the Ninja Ripper import window.

I manually attached the diffuse to the model and it still outputs like this, I am starting to think it’s not ninja ripper.

Sorry for the uber dark images, it’s gyazo.

I have an idea. Add an “Unwrap UVW” modifier, then click “Open UV Editor” and see what that window looks like.

hi, I have the same problem

That’s what I was talking about. Unfortunately this means that NR simply isn’t able to extract the UVs.

There’s nothing you can do about it aside from remaking the UVs yourself.

3dripper do this well but unfortunately it does not support 3dmax 2012 or higher version! :frowning:
now what should i do to fix this problem?

It’s highly likely NR is actually able to extract the correct UV, but you need to do some testing about finding the right values.

yes i know , I saw the tutorials on but they not look like my UVWunwrap

Adjusting the import values only helps if the UVs are skewed or stretched, not when they’re fucked up that badly.

so… what should i do now?

Either make the UVs yourself or give up.

Just out of curiosity, what game is from? There may be other ways.