Ninja Ripper UV Coord Help?

Hi there. I’m new to model ripping and have encountered a bit of a problem. I’m trying to rip some models from Blades of Time with Ninja Ripper v1.14. I use the import script, and get all my parts, but they end up like the picture below, with no texture on them.

Or rather, they have texture, but the UV maps are totally screwed. Through some research of my own, I think what’s wrong is that I’m using the auto option for vertex layout. I’ve tried messing around with manual (through different combinations of uv coordinates), but they all come out very bad. I imagine I just haven’t found the correct combination yet. Does anyone know the uv coordinates for Blades of Time? Or anything else that can help me? I know that someone has managed to get the correct UV maps as I’ve seen some models done for XNA that have them (can’t transfer them with Blender, tried already), but I haven’t been able to crack this.


Yup, you just got to go through each pair one by one. Start with 7 and 8, if that doesn’t work go to 8 and 9, etc.

Usually you’ll get the right combo eventually. If you get something that seems right but is a bit off, check them, they may be upside down.

If you get to like 40 then there’s just no way. I’ve had that happen several times.

I figured as much. Will keep at it. Thanks for replying!