Ninja Smoke Swep

Ever wanted to feel like a ninja? Well this 2 second swep I made can help. This swep allows you to set a destination( right click ), and when you get in a sticky situation, go up in a puff of smoke and teleport( left click ) to that very spot. Making it appear as you have disappeared into thin air. Download link below, enjoy!

*Note: I made this in just a few minutes for a build server, the only reason I am releasing this is because a friend told me too. *


You should do like the Naruto’s Smoke,put a prop when the player is teleported.

Frankly, I have no clue what you are talking about.

Not everyones into anime… On the other hand VERY nice, cant wait to give it a go =3

I hate anime,no offense.

I like some anime, but only the like 80’s anime with all the gore and stuff. Although I have only seen like one episode of naruto. ANYWAYS… I might release some of my other fun random, stuff.

you should make it so you can set more then one teleport like reload to choose which one


Pretty nice Swep, original and useful!

man there should be a universial ninja swep like ninja knife combined with parkour with invisiblity and ninja smoke make a fucking game mode. i was in gm_big city messing with this thing and another ninja swep i was the ninja i set cps everywhere i never got shot once

I will prolly be adding a lot of things, but it is following the Duke Nukem schedule. “When it’s done” I may go ahead and do the multiple teleport points tonight.

so how close are you to finishing it

Some pictures or a video would be nice.

pics or no clicks

Hell no,don´t say “When it´s done” it most likely means that you never release them!
like duke nukem was never released,within that quote!

I think the effect needs some work. Make the smoke a little thicker, move around more, and not last as long. Also the teleporting sound is boring, needs more of a “poof” sound.

lets just start with multi tele

Now we just need a Ninja Log to go with this :v:.

Haha, now I need to go get that Katana…

No. Just no. I would do the :dogout: but I don’t remember the 'con. So just flat out “no”.

Actually, I think I might mess around with this, code wise. Just as practice, don’t think I’ll actually get done with it nor release it if I do (if I decide to I’ll make sure to ask ya first).

Actually, ninja used a smaller variant of the katana called the ninjuto, and that was rarely used. They often used farm-chain-blade variants, and chemicals.

Sorry, I’m just a japan freak.

On topic: Nice swep! I hope you work a little more on this!