NinjaRipper - Blue hue over Diffuse Textures

I’ve been trying to rip the level geometry/scenery from Dead Space 1 and 2.

When I load results of ripping, the scenery and just about every object has a weird blue filter overtop the texture. The intensity of the blue hue varies but they are pretty much all affected.

I’ve tried looking to see if I’m importing the wrong texture number, but pretty much everything scenery related has only two textures, with the other being an obvious normal map,

I’m not entirely sure if this is a problem exclusive to ripping from this game or if I’m doing something wrong.


I’d appreciate any help on this problem.

This is extremely odd. However it’s possible that the ripping process damages the diffuse textures. The same happens with frostbite games.

If ripping cannot yield the textures properly, extract them directly or try 3dripper.

Try using intel gpa for textures, that program is so much better when it comes to textures, Ninja ripper has a tendency to mess up the gamma on the diffuse resulting in the diffuse darker though never known it to have it have weird blue tint to it.

Send us your diffuse as DDS please.

Sure thing:

I don’t know how your texture is actually supposed to look like, but many times simply switching the red and blue channels is enough to fix textures grabbed by NinjaRipper.

I tried that, did -100 +100 on red and blue respectively, but it didn’t really look like at all like the ingame version, and instead, looked like a orange/yellow hue, instead.

Also, I just tried using 3D ripper DX on Dead Space 2, and I got the exact same problem.

What does the ingame version look like? Maybe only the blue channel is used (which would be grey then). Games use all kinds of fancy shaders, you don’t necessarily always get a diffuse/specular/normal set.

Selecting a single channel just makes the texture lose colour all together.

After sifting through all the textures, there seems to be a bunch of working diffuse textures, without the blue colour bug. But for some reason, Ninjaripper and 3D ripper DX won’t apply them when importing, even when changing the texture index. I guess manually applying textures might be the only solution, which sucks, since it’s tedious as hell.


Oh great, I extracted textures from Dead Space with a tool, and discovered these are actually all specular textures, not bugged diffuse. But for some reason, only specular and normal maps are available in the texture index when importing for both Ninjaripper and 3D ripper DX.