Ninjaripper - positions of ripped meshes

Hi. I need some help with Ninjaripper.
I remember a long time ago when I first ripped models from a Gamecube game emulated in Dolphin with Ninjaripper, the positions of all of the exported meshes were relative to where I was in the level of the game I ripped, which made it very easy to piece everything together. Since then, the positioning of all the meshes I rip are defaulted into the center, forcing me to re-position everything and rebuild models myself piece-by-piece. Was it a specific version of Ninjaripper, or perhaps DirectX than I used, or something? I’ve tried everything I can but cannot get the same results as that one particular time.

I’m pretty sure that was 3D Ripper DX. NinjaRipper always centered meshes, the author confirmed it’s just how the program works.

No, I’m absolutely positive I used Ninjaripper. I’ve never been able to get 3D Ripper DX to work. That’s why I’m so confused.

you used the same version of dolphin too? it could be they changed something how it’s emulated. ninja ripper hijacks the geometry before it’s skeleton is transformed by the gpu. you get this complete scene mesh usually only when the objects are transformed with emulated software vertex processing. then it hijacks the already transformed meshes before they are send to just rasterize.

I only use the same couple of versions of Dolphin. I figured it could have been a change in the graphics settings, but I’m tried every possible combination of things and I’ve had no luck. :\

okay. i dunno dolphin that much. i used it for bleach only. you may be able to force it to render in dx9 mode and work with the dx9 method of the ripper then. if that doesn’t fix that. if you get the old directx sdk installed or the runtime supports it, there’s a directx control panel called dxcpl in it. you could try to force software vertex processing like this. this may or may not work. i have no idea where the ripper exactly can hijack the meshes like that. and i have not actually tested this. i don’t have any cube or wii games or dolphin right now.

When i used ninja ripper on wwe 2k16 it saved all stuff in relative positions and poses in frame, and i believe it was in dx11 mode so… maybe you can force a pause in emulator, and that’s what can cause models baked into positions

Unfortunately neither of these suggestions worked. :c
Perhaps Ninjaripper just might not work for what I’m trying to do, and I’m simply not able to recreate what happened before. I would try 3D Ripper DX again, but that thing -never- works for some reason with any game.

I can confirm that for some other games with ninjaripper like BF:BC2. When I have tried to get some vehicle, all the parts of the model was placed in the middle as separated. Really hard to handle the pieces.

Some games do this, some games do not. NinjaRipper rips models in Dead Space in their positions where they were when one started activated the rip tool.