NinjaRipper won't import more than approximately 500 rip files to 3D Max

I’m using the 1.3 version script and not the GIMS version because the GIMS ripper is super slow.

I’m trying to rip a level from a spesific game but it’s hard because for some reason, the rip import script does not import more than about 500 rips to 3D Max. And then it says that “there are no more RIP files available”, even though there clearly are.

Would be nice if to get this sorted.

Edit: I messed around with the importer and it seems like it does this with every 500 rip import. After that’s done, it will give me the error every time I try to import any rip file to 3D Max. To fix this, I have to restart 3D Max, but I can only rip 500 rips at once instead of all them. This is really annoying.

Some one at russian ripper thread posted updated rip import script, but i just import in chunks 200-300 ripfiles
I’ve heard that this version is a bit cleaner on garbage collection and won’t crash after 500 rips
Plus, they’ve updater ripper to 1.6.1 you might try it too

Thanks, and I use the latest version of Ninjaripper.