Well, this request is about ninjas, have we any ninja models for Gmod? Even if they are reskins of some other model as long as it looks nice it’s good for me, please link me to them if you know some!

Feeling like doing a reskin of a model to make it look ninja-ish? Well that’s awesome! Here are some pictures of the style of ninja I’m looking for:

I fucking highly doubt someone wants to do a model from scratch but if someone wants, I will happily provide more pictures!

The only one I know of is Ryu Hayabusa.
he’s kind of a ‘meh’ model though, no facepose and his eyes are bound to his forehead plate thing.
I think it’s in a DoA pack somewhere, but I forget where.

These are about the closest things we have to a ninja:

I do believe there is a ninja in Saints Row 2, Might be possible to port but I’m not sure.

i too