Nintendo DS as controller, your opinions

Hey guys, I just had a little idea for a Garry’s Mod module, but I’m wondering how many people out there could actually use it.

The idea is simple, install a Garry’s Mod binary module, then run a simple program on your Nintendo DS (any version) and use it as a controller for Garry’s Mod. You could map it to the keypad and control contraptions with it, maybe put an RT camera on the contraption and hand the DS to a friend, so you could play “split screen” of sorts.

It’s pretty simple to make, but the thing is you need to be able to run homebrew on your DS. I won’t bother making it if nobody will enjoy it. Anyone here with a flash card for their DS that would enjoy this kind of addon?

All input is greatly appreciated!

Will the DS’s processor be able to keep up with the image, i know its not rendering any of it, but it still has to be a live feed, and that could be a problem, as any lag would fuck it up.

It won’t be rendering anything, it’ll be strictly used for input. Sure, data can go the other way if there are applications for it, but it won’t be rendering the screen.


And the problem isn’t the processor. It’s the low data transfer capacity of the WiFi card.

oh. ok, i thought you meant the like the touchscreen would be the screen or something, but it would be cool for input, although most people don’t have a flash cart and there expensive as hell. it would be kinda confusing, i’d rather have a tablet module.

They’re literally $10 from dealextreme :slight_smile:

The touch screen could be used, of course. As it would be a Garry’s Mod module, all input would be configured through Lua.

I’d use it. I never touch my DS lite anymore, this would give me an excuse to find wherever it’s lying.

I have an acekard but I still need a micro SD I got a blue DS lite and a acekard2i for christmas.


Shitsux. Im glad I have assassins creed 2 and my ornithopter to fall back on, Not to mention killingfloor lovingly gifted by Lone wolf. And I got the Unreal deal pack… But yeah if you could that’d be great.

I would actually use this. It would be pretty cool :smiley:

Interesting, but there wouldn’t really be a use for it. Can’t really develop a gamemode based off DS input.

I can imagine it being fun to use for controlling contraptions, or just plain for a kind of customizable split-screen.

I want this. I got R4, so ready to use it.

I agree it would be fun, but you’re most likely targeting a very limited audience which is the problem here.

Is this still being worked on?

He’s not selling a game.

Where did I say anywhere about selling a game.

It’d be easier to create an iPhone App to do that, wouldn’t it?

Not really.
Coding for the DS isn’t hard at all – all you have to know is basic C++ and your way around the graphics library.

this is a great idea so don’t shoot it down i would love to control gmod through my ds

Imagine a plane being flown with your touchscreen like a joystick would - that’d be pretty amazing, and if you did get it to render on the screen it could be used as an RT screen, for camera’s or even vehicles.

This would be awesome!
I tried an homebrew on my DS with DSLinker, something like “DS Mouse”…Since it had only Left and Right click as buttons I had to bind the right click to go Forward and Left Click to shoot. I assure you it was AWESOME and Uber Funny.
Can’t wait for this!