Nintendo Models: BrawlBox or Brres Viewer?

Random Question, Which is a better program for extracting Nintendo .Brres model files and their textures for converting them for 3ds Max/Blender? BrawlBox or Brres Viewer?

Because of how finicky it can be, I’d still advise BRRESViewer’s exports for 3DS Max. Every time I’ve imported BrawlBox DAEs in 3DS Max 2010, it’s always had broken rigging. However, if you’ve got 2009, then it should be fine.

For Blender, it’s basically BRRESViewer or bust.

I’ve yet to be successful with Brawlbox’s export. I’ve just dived into this format, but it seems that only really BRRESViewer does the job for me. BrawlBox’s DAE were just garbage, while I got a perfect P5K port from BRRESViewer.

thanks guys

If you have 3DS max, maxbmd works awesomely