Nintendo Switch models thread

So, Datamining on switch games had been started, that would be more interesting than before.

Most of the files for switch games that they have, are the same or modified from wii u games and we’re also introduced with some new files like BNTX replacing GTX.

I can see them that they could be ported to GMOD and SFM like how wii u models did.

Bless RTB and his amazing abilities to grab models from seemingly any game

more progress

Just in case if you don’t want to go to twitter and find the video.

We’re progressing a little more further.

I’m amazed it didn’t take any longer. Way to go my dude.

For any of you want to get the files from the .iStorage rom you had got.

Try out this:

tools are released

I was just about to post here about that, heh.


There really isn’t a point on bumping this thread if there isn’t any recent relevant news or update on this topic.