Nintendogs Model

Could some one ragdoll the Nintendogs models of the dogs.
It is from the game Nintendogs for the DS.
I would at least like the Huskie!
Thank you!

You are aware that even if this was possible that these will come out extremely low poly, right?

Are you serious?

Someone (can’t remember who) was trying a while back but I don’t think we’ve heard from them in a while (they had the model and everything, even ported into GMod, at least i’m sure there was a pic on their thread of such).

(The blood is from me, when I blew myself up)

The Nintendog from Brawl right?

Release please!



I’m working out bugs with the flexes and such, and fixing the phymodel

I saw your nintendog pic and have been looking for the download. If you could help my out with a download location would be great.

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