Nissan Skyline, True HDRi

After seeing so many threads using HDR and HDRi I also wanted to make a “pretty” render, I am using a Nissan Skyline I made long time ago and I didn’t want it to be realistic I wanted to give it a modern style.

Comment :smiley:


Looks really good.

Is the interior shiny? I don’t think it should be…

Looks ok. Needs to be less blue and brighter.

It looks like shit to me. But it may be because of the whole toilet-cleaner-blue thing.

It doesen’t really look like a Nissan Skyline, but it is still cool.

Could be shinier, I suppose. Also, some kind of environment would look plenty fine.


Upon a second look, the seats look a bit shiney.

Get rid of the blue… please…

That would look great if it diden’t have that overpowering blue on it.

What’s with all the crappy HDR renders today? That’s not HDR, just a fancy over reflective render I could whip out in 10 seconds.

On a lighter note, the model itself is excelent.

Nice, one of my favorite cars from the import scene.


It’s a Nissan Skyline R32. Not the Nissan Skyline R33. They R32 were good, if not better, than the R33.

It looks good, but I do not think it is long enough.

The R32 is actually pretty short Silent_Hip.
But not that short… You’re right.

The tail-lights of your R32 aren’t so great.
But then again, you went for a more modern look rather than a ‘realistic’ look, implying you customizing the looks of it, I’m guessing.

You sir, are a idiot HDRi renders isn’t always that fancy realistic render with fancy lighting, it’s just a high quality render with a hdr image.

Uhm…high quality? It is not even high res, and does not really look like that you have used a hdr node to light that scene. The same could be done with a darkblue ambient light in less amount of time…

I should write an “IBL with HDR images” tutorial to end all this. Sometimes i have the feeling that some of you guys have really no idea how to work with HDR nodes… or at least what you are talking about.
I would really like to help you with this one. pleasepleaseplease.
By the way, wich kind of software do you use?

Ok it isn’t very good BECAUSE I didn’t want it to render for a whole night long but now to shut up you all I will make a good HDRi render, jesus…

Too blue… But nice car :v:

The Skyline indeed is a very nice car.