[Nitrous] >DV< |1/2 Craft|OXIDE|PVP|ADMINS|26/02|

Server name: [Nitrous] >DV< |1/2 Craft|OXIDE|PVP|ADMINS|26/02|

IP: net.connect

Some server features:

  • Powered by the Oxide API.
  • PvP.
  • Remove features.
  • Group features.
  • Sleepers.
  • Half-Crafting time
  • Ping feature to see your ping.
  • Airdropinbound - Notifies you of incoming airdrops.
  • Door sharing.
  • Airdrops at minimum 5 people.(To start with. Will increase if lots of people join)
  • 200 slots at the moment.
  • Cheatpunch Enabled.
  • Friendly and active admins.
  • Hosted on Nitrous Networks powerful and stable servers.


  • No hacking
  • No exploiting(floating buildings will be removed without warning)
  • No griefing

Come join us!



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