Nitrous Networks | Rust Server Hosting

Hey, we are Nitrous Networks and will be offering Rust server hosting!

What do you get with a Rust Server?

  • Between 50 and 200 slots ~(25p/slot)
  • Oxide Mod, Rust++
  • Easy and quick upgrade/downgrades (Through client area)
  • Start / Stop /Restart your server instantly
  • Scheduled Tasks
  • Console Access (Issue commands directly to the server)
  • RCON Game Control
  • Sleepers On/Off
  • PVP On/Off
  • Full File Access (Web Viewer and FTP)
  • Access your world save files
  • Custom Hostname (Server Name)
  • No branding at all
  • Servers located in central Europe and East Coast US (Buffalo, NY)

What do you get free?

  • Web hosting on your own domain or sub domain
  • Mumble server equal to the amount of slots you purchase for your Rust server
  • 45 days free Enjin premium subscription (Community website)

To purchase your Rust server, follow this link -

You can also get 10% off at checkout with the promo code 10off.

The Nitrous-Network server is great as it is!
Great ping, its great!
We just need to fill it up with people
Best located in the UK.

Thanks! Its likely that we will locate them in Germany to keep it central, you should only see a minor ping increase.

Will you wipe or make another server frm the current one?

We will just move it and all the files.

i would say being honest to these questions:

  1. this would be hard to tell since if the server is running for a long time and doesn’t get wiped it could have performance problems due to all the buildings but i would say 0.90 per slot and let users choose their ram/storage :stuck_out_tongue:
  2. min: N/A (since people might want a small server for friends)/ max: 100-200 i would say.
  3. best locations for most people UK/US mostly.
  4. good support to the servers since its alpha and crap can go wrong easier xD
  1. Can you state the amount of resources Rust takes per server.
  2. 150 > and < 25
  3. United Kingdom, or Germany

I absolutely love this server , no lag , no rollbacks . Apart from the 2 crashes lately it’s awesome !

Im glad you like it!

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It uses about 2Mbps per 30 players and about 1GB RAM for between 20-60 players

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We were thinking 60p, i think that would be okay?

I agree with the slots, we want to make sure servers are full i guess, thats when its more fun.

We are thinking Germany to keep things central for Europe

Support is something we specialize in, with 24/7 ticket support/12 hour live chat

Thanks for the suggestions

I’ve added you to the server hosting provider list on my community site.

Thanks! Thats very much appreciated.

If that’s the case, I’d probably put it to 0.60p/slot.

Yeah, I think we will go for that.

Great. Anyone who’s looking for a host, should choose Nitrous. They have quality server.

We now have servers up for purchase

Bump, new pricing.

We have 50% off all servers for Christmas, use promo code “CHRISTMAS” at checkout.

Prices have been updated;

£15 - 50 slots
£25 - 100 slots
£35 - 150 slots
£45 - 200 slots

Just what we need… more servers.

Yay servers!