Nitrous Networks Slow Support?

Anybody else had any issues with Nitrous?

From what I’ve seen the majority think they’re pretty good. Although I have tried logging into my Control Panel and it says my User and Pass are incorrect. After using forgotten password my account doesn’t exist.

So I have opened a high priority ticket but it has been 12 hours and live support just ignored me.

Anybody else had a similar issue?

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Bump, still no sign of a reply from Nitrous. Going to be asking for my subscription to be extended by 24h due to the problems.

Live Support is now available but I’ve been waiting 30 minutes for a response. Ticket still hasn’t been answered.

I have had the exact opposite experience. They had a little slow (2 hours) to get my server up, however, all my tickets have been spot on fast!

Hope you are taken care of.

14h I can now login to TCAdmin but my server is completely dead. Can’t connect to it at all. Can’t even change the cfg files due to not being able to connect to the host.

Still not a single reply from Support. Live Support has been ignoring me for nearly 2h now.

yes took them ages to contact me

Live Support finally replied but told me they can’t do anything and I have to wait for a response. After asking them why it had been 15h already without a response to a ticket that is of high priority they never replied (this was 30 minutes ago).

Not very happy with the support and the fact that the host TCAdmin is on is extremely slow, surprised because it had such good comments when I was searching which host I should go with.

After all of the commotion I found out that I have been given a US server when I paid for European server (even my invoice says Europe!)

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Finally given a European server and seems to be working fine. Only issue now is the Rust port is closed.

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I have had nothing but problems with these since purchase.

Really regret not going with Multiplay now :@

Waiting 2 hours for a reply on a High Prio ticket now… My server seems completely down. Control Panel says ‘Status: Unknown’, FTP doesn’t work and can’t ping the IP. Tried to contact them using Twitter, Facebook and submitted a ticket, but no sign of life on their end.

2 hours? Really? I waited 68 hours with hfb and that’s why i switched to nitrous (no problems with support, fairly fast response) Have some patience, if the status says unknown then it was most likely a DDoS attack.

HFB are a pain in the arse.

I waited over 4 days for them to change my server from 100 slots to 50 slots - I also requested extra days for the slots change and they gave me a $3.00 refund which is complete bollocks.

Try and avoid HFBServers at all times.