[NJP][Chicago] SBR [pvp/sleepers/half craft time]

[NJP][Chicago] SBR [pvp/sleepers/half craft time]

Featuring full fledged awesomeness on various levels including but not limited to:

-Server wipes only when a patch demands it

-Doorshare dawg

-Weekly Twitch.tv Giveaways, in-game items and cash (Because I’m moneybags)

-Rock fighting Arena for fighting with…rocks I guess

-Random events for MOAR free stuff

-Absolutely ZERO admin abuse from yours truly

-Absolutely 100% dedication from yours truly, willing to answer questions any time via steam ([NJP]MOURNE)

Free mumble chat at:

That is all. Carry on.

Poorly made promo video

Bump for shooting big guns for the next 4 days

Bored bump.

bump for 5 people on my server. popular.