NL/BE Community looking for active Rust players

Xtreamvision - Games, videos and tutorials

What is Xtreamvision?

Xtreamvision is a community to discuss Games and videos. Also are community is always bussy to help other people out with tutorials for
photoshop, games, etc.

Our community is very active playing Rust now and we would like to extend with more members. We don’t have that much to offer but we are
a very nice group of individual players

Xtreamvision and Rust?

For now Xtreamvision has his own community friendly Rust server with Mumble to communicate with each other. All our players are from the Netherlands or Belgium.

Why join us?

  1. We always have fun and we are active in different games(World of warcraft, battlefield, Leageu of legends.
  2. Our own voiceserver and Community Rust server.
  3. Website for you to post your video content.

How to join?

Just reply at this topic or send a pm and i will get back at you soon.


Buy me rust and I will think about it.