[NL][ENG] Dutch Republic >Sleepers<>Airdrops +5<>PVP<>ActiveAdmins>Instacraft<

Hello and welcome by DutchRepublic

IP: net.connect
copy and paste this in your console by pressing f1

The first 5 players wil get the follow things!
1.A full metal house.
3.A shotgun with 20 shotgunshells
Only thing that you need to do is,
Leave a comment with your name, and join our server:D
And if you played one hour on our server you get a SUPPLY SINGAL

Notice: If there is no admin online, join our mumble server, there will be a admin to help you.
ip of our mumble voice server,
port: 2212

About the server
-Economy with market.
-Remover Tool.
-Much more!!


You can now join our mumble voice server, to play with your friends or to talk with the admins.
Port: 2212

NOTICE On mumble there will always be a admin online,
So for questions or problems join mumble please.

We created a youtube channel.
We will upload videos about the server.
I will make it in English and Dutch.




friendly admins.looks like a nice server.let’s get it populated!

Thanks for the compliment:D

Awesome Server with plenty of mods. Nice moderated

Thanks:D we are doing what we can:D

Nice Server , No Lag +1
Great Staff !

Keep it up !

So the firtst 5 people had the Starters kit, with the full metal house and shotgun + hatchet.
But dont be sad!! because we are giving the kit to 5 more players!!
So join today and recive your full metal house with a shotgun and a hatchet!!
And you wil get a supply singal!!!

Join now!

Well tomorow im offline for 4 day, because for my work.
But the two other admins wil help you guys if you need them.
I have 24/7 contact with them so that i can help from a distance.
I hope you guys wil join our server soon!
Remember we have still the Starters kit for the next 5 people!!

So im back from my work!
4 days of lowlands!!
Now im back and active again!!
Join now!!!