-=[NL&ENG]=- -=[ Zmmapperz Rust #1 ]=- -=[PVE & PVP Area | Airdrops | Active admins | 18+ Crew ]=-

-=[NL&ENG]=- -=[ Zmmapperz Rust #1 ]=- -=[ PVP | Airdrops | Active admins |No sleepers |18+ Crew ]=-

This server will also do some role play… :smiley:
like a a kingdom or so…
This server is just whiped @ 20/03/2014

Go in game to console (f1)
Type this Net.connect (then server ip) with or without the port (port: 28016)

**Server info **
This server is located in the UK!
This server has active admins
Hackers will be banned for ever!

We only use magma to update airdrop loot.

Our admins are 18 years old or older!

-No lag.
-no decay
-Updated airdrops… (Better loot)
-The people that play on the server are most of the time friendly
-Server will always be up to date
-You are able to build foundations.
-Type /help for commands that you can use

we have a steam group (thats still a work in progress)


bumb :smiley:

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Currently fixing some plugins :slight_smile:

bumb :smiley:




Bumb :smiley:

This server has just been whiped!

This server is Refreshed… (not much players) so join! its all vanilla!

Fresly started server *PVP
-starters kit. /starter
-few active players … ofcourse hoping to get more!


come and join!! airdropst set at 4

Friendly rust server ! > whiped yesterday! few new people! get ur spot right now on the server! :smiley: and have some fun!




bumb ;D

Bumb ! fun server… getting fuller by the day! Its vanilla! have fun playing!

This server is freshspawn friendly! most of the time u get stuff from people!