tired of Hackers, Cheaters? they dont care! but we do!
bothered about Glitchers, Griefers, abusive Admins using God mode? Not on our Server!

our friendly Admins/Mods first talk, then warn, we kick and if all of that doesnt help the ban comes in place!

you are new to the game? join our awesome community, every “noob” is welcome.

Joining to our server is easy. Just press F1, and type the following:

  1. Behaving

1.1 Insults

  • Do not personally insult other players if they kill you on sight or raid you, even if you were a naked noob. If you need help you can always ask the admin for some help, but if you do, we expect you to tell us your in-game location and that you speak either Dutch or English. If you break this rule you will be kicked after 2 warnings.

1.2 Cursing

  • Cursing is allowed unless it’s repetitive and it continues on for long time, without a reason. Breaking will result a kick, and if continued, a 2-day length ban.

1.3 Blaming the admins/moderators for abusing their powers

  • If you think you saw an admin running with godmode or invisible armor shooting players, please tell it to us here.
  1. Hacking/Cheating and glitching/duping

2.1 Cheating

  • If you cheat or hack in any kind of way, you will be banned instantly and permanently. There is no ways for you to get unbanned if you are caught cheating.

2.2 Glitching

  • If you are caught glitching into someones house, or going through doors then you will be permanently banned. You may request unban here on the forums if you wish.
  1. Advertising

3.1 Advertising your own server

  • If you are seen advertising your own server, it will lead to a permanent ban. You will not be unbanned.
  1. Griefing/Raiding

4.1 Blocking entrances or placing your own doors on someone else’s base

  • If you are provably caught griefing/blocking someones base, the admin will destroy yours the same way as you destroyed the victims base. Griefing is absolutely not allowed.

4.2 Raiding

  • Raiding is allowed on the server. However, if you see a wooden shack with a naked guy inside, think twice about killing him for a few ores, it is a noob friendly server, so acting noob friendly might get you an in-game reward!