[NL/EU] 50 % Craft | PVP | Kit | Wiped 12-2 | Oxide | Doorshare | Military craftable including C4

A new server for ppl to have fun with.
Feel free to drop by and say hello.


See you soon!!

Bump :slight_smile:

We had like 7-8 ppl last night, it will increase in the weekend I hope. See you soon !!

bump, +25 ppl online atm. Come and join us…

Last night 35 ppl online. Thank you all for joining…

About 45 ppl online atm. THank you all for joining!

don’t forget to join ppl… Bumppp

Added 2 arena’s for you ppl to fight in. What are you waiting for, come on in and let’s have fun together…

We wiped again yesterday, so come on. Dutch Server btw.