[NL/EU] Candieland (Pvp | Sleepers)


Welcome to Candieland!

We are a friendly server with active staff. We try to enjoy the game without making it too easy (so no InstaCraft etc). We have a small admin team who know what they are doing and love a challenge, and we play the game fair. That means we won’t punish people for owning us, we will play as every other regular player without using our admin powers. In fact one of the reasons we started this server was that we were **sick of admin abuse. **We keep the amount of wipes to a minimum, and are open for suggestions, tips and complaints. Basically we just want to enjoy the game, and everyone is welcome to enjoy the game together with us. ​ We have a small, friendly community so far and we would love to meet and play the game with you!

**We would love to see you in Candieland! **
To connect just **press F****1 and type “net.connect” **(without the “” ofcourse).
Or visit www.candieland.tk for the forum.

We had some new people on yesterday :smiley:

Everyone else is welcome too

Friendly server with arena events!!