NL EU - Started 02-02 - Vanilla - No Dura - Anti Cheat

Hello, this server started 02-02-2015.

To connect:

  1. Launch Rust, press F1 to open console.
  2. Type in net.connect and press Enter.

We have a reward system which gives you some nice rewards!
Just type in in-game : /reward help

Server Plugins:
-Door Share
-Anti-Hack (We dont like hackers and thats why this Plug-in is installed to help defeat the hackers. Hackers will be automatically permanent banned).
-Sleepover (To prevent being Sleeping Bag raided) (If you live with other people the owner must typ this in-game /sleepover “FRIENDS NAME”
-No Durability

We dont like wipes like you don’t do. Thats why we try to limit wipes as much as possible.

Misschien als je dit op de nieuwe rust doet… Er zijn al tering veel Nederlandse servers op legacy, doe dan ff op nieuwe dan krijg je veel spelers

Something doesn’t really add up :confused: ‘Vanilla’ and ‘Server Plugins’?