[NL] Nederlands Trots - PVP - Sleep - Airdrop 15 pp

[NL/EU] Dutchness - Wiped (28-01-2014) - Active Admins - PVP,Sleep - Oxide plugins

Server is called:
[NL] Nederlands Trots - PVP - Sleep - Airdrop at 15

Or just typ in F1 console:

Server Settings:

Sleep is Active
PVP is Active
Airdrop is set to 10 ppl
Admins create Events!
Crafting time set to 1/2

Oxide plugins:

Doorsharing (Share all your doors)
Bounty system
Economy (Money /Shop)


Private Messaging
Ticket system to contact a admin!

Hope to see you soon.




Kom op mannen bouw een gave community :smiley:

15 man nu dat kan meer

Join me :smiley:

Nederlanders Unite :dance:

Kom op nederlanders :smiley:


Come quick :smiley:

EVERYONE PRESS F1 AND TYPE net.connect on rust to join my server need admins!

Not cool dont steal the thread!

Server is stable, Mcello is trying his best to make it a great experience.

Currently the server just got wiped, is a bit underpopulated, which makes it great for new players to start out. The likeliness of getting killed by another player is quite low at the moment.

Guns drop rarely so no loads of military weapons. Mostly the stuff you start out with to make.
Blueprints are rare (Takes a while before anyone will have a big ass metal house and guns/kevlar)

Should be interesting to play on.

thanks :slight_smile: hope to see more people

Been playing half of the day, no Military weapon drops or blueprints. Found loads of revolvers though… I’d say if any time you wanted to start on a new server it would be now and on this one XD

Found no trace of kevlar yet, neither of metal parts. This server won’t be easy to get a metal house on and should be loads of fun once more players get on.

I’d say, join join join :stuck_out_tongue:

To sum it up:
Kevlar: RARE
Military weapons: RARE
Metal parts: RARE
C4: Extremely RARE
Research kits: RARE

Noob friendly?: Definitely!