I’ve been on allot of rp servers and notice the same thing happening over and over. I’ll give an example to show what i mean. Citizen 1 is in his home. He has a job and is doing what hes supposed to but someone comes in and just wont get out no matter what the person does so he kills him. This is not a RDM or a reason for demote. Generaly RDM is a term for arrest not demotion except in the cases of jobs like mayor/cop.
Now onto NLR the most abused excuse ever made. NLR is New Life Rule meaning anything that happened before you die is as if it didnt happen to you. This system is very flawed.For 1 people are RDM. Now revenge kills arn’t allowed but for the good of the server having people hunt down those RDM people and kill him to help the server as long as a cop can get to him in time to arrest him. That’s all for now please post your thoughts on NLR and RDM here but don’t rant about RP.

What’s RDM?

Random DeathMatch.


Doesn’t every1 already know about this?

Usually, when you are randomly killed or DM’d for no reason, you would disregard NLR.

Does it ever feel like these rules only apply to you and no one else?

It does for me. D:

Because you kill stranger that comes in your house IRL.

Oh wait…

In real life gangsters don’t have shootouts on the roofs with automatic weapons.

you would kill them if they had an ak pointed at your face

Don’t play DarkRP. Problem solved.


What ever happened to RP threads where you post ideas to improve an RP gamemode? OR introducing a brand-new RP mode that promotes character development and a governmental system? But NOOOOOO that would make sense! Can’t have that can we?! All we do now is rant on DarkRP. DarkRP sometimes sucks, sometimes is pretty fun. We dont have do defend or rant on it because it’s YOUR own opinion! Nobody cares what you think, they believe what they want to. Its like trying to convert someone’s religion. Just think “Jehovah Witnesses” (no offense to the Jehovah Witnesses) whenever you try to change someones beliefs about DarkRP.


Because you should totally blame DarkRP for everything, same shit can happen on taco script, cake script, cat script, or hell even gmodRP if you have a tazer.

Real solution:
Don’t play RP at all. Period. Problem sovled.

NRL is the most shit rule. I mean, come on, NLR doesen’t even make sense! If you get killed in real life you don’t respawn and start a new life, so the very point of NLR, which is to make it more realistic, goes against its own basic rules of trying to make RP more realistic, instead it makes it more bullshit :ohdear:

Yeah, let’s make dying instaban.


NLR is fucking dumb.
CakeScript, CatScript and GModRP don’t have this problem because players get KNOCKED OUT instead of dying.

It seems as though a lot if ppl like the ughh emote :bandwagon:

It is because there is a lot of stuff that makes people facepalm here.

Last time I played those scripts I was killed when I got shot/tazered by a cop/citizen.

Truth is, RP scripts and plenty of their rules are dumb.

RP never needed a script at all, it’s just that people have no imagination to the point that they need a script just in order to RP, or some (cough cough DarkRP cough cough) don’t even roleplay at all even with it.

Wait, can you fucking read? Did I fucking say that there is no fucking DeathMatch on those fucking gamemodes?

I said that NLR is fucking stupid and completely pointless, no one ever fucking respects it , and those fucking scripts don’t use it, you get fucking knocked out instead of fucking dying there.