NLR DarkRP Reminder

Pretty much brings up a NLR box reminding the players not to return to the place they died and to forget everything they did before, Simple script originally on (Author is credited in the addon.txt file) and ported + fixed for GM13. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

What is NLR?

New Leaf Radio obviously
EDIT: I love how you couldn’t resist pressing the first one :wink:

ah i love to be reminded of the NOD-Like receptor, a family of intracellular receptors as i play darkrp.

Noob Life Rule i think :pwn:

New life rule. Basically you can’t take revenge on someone that killed you.

Can you add a timer in the top corner of the screen or something that counts down 5 minutes :D?

Thanks, I am going to use this :slight_smile: