NLR doesn't work it needs to be re-thinked.

If you are a cop, and someone kills you with a shotgun and you respawn ? you cant ignore that !? because i tried i was like ‘okay, new life, i forget everything’ i then walk around the corner and boom he shoots me again so i was like ‘i forget everything’ and then he did it again so i was like ‘you are cop death-matching’ and he goes ‘yes because we are rebels you have to stop us’ so i was like okay after a few deaths i decided be more cautious and walked around and arrested the guy so then they were all like ‘YOU * BROKE THE NLR’ what was i suppose to do ? walk around and get shot again ?

in my opinion these rules need to be thought threw

  1. Death-matching rule
  2. NLR

in my opinion RP should have a system where you can only death-match 5 players or something like that … dunno as it probably wont work.

what do you guys think ?

Well for my gamemode I’m working on something that makes NLR more fair, in the sense you can now get evidence that allows you to break NLR if your police on a dead body. That’ll put a whole in RDM, and make more serious roleplay because if they want to not get caught, they probably have a body to dispose of.

Why the fuck is there a no RDM rule?
People get killed for no reason in real life.

Well on my server there is no rule against RDM, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get caught because of it.

Any server which allows you to kill ONE person without a PERFECT reason for doing that, its a very, VERY bad server.

Whether that stands as fact is unknown, but it’s your opinion and your entitled to it. But in any case what matters is that the criminal is put behind bars.

The NLR is stupid anyway. It’s main purpose is to prevent minges and kids from instantly retaliating when they get killed - which shouldn’t happen if they know how to RP.

o.O Here’s where I stand.

NLR is good because it adds realism and makes for more realistic RP

But NLR is bad because it’s annoying when you want to do something and you’re forced to re-learn everything.

Solution: Remember what happened before you got killed and nothing else unless it’s a perma kill.

Your problem isnt NLR it’s retarded players on your server that RDM.

Guys, i dont think NLR is the problem i think Death-match is, there should be a limit or something … or when you kill someone its submitted to an admin and you have to give a reason and they can approve it.

or maybe you loss money for killing ? thats a good idea actually =)

what do you think ? You loss £500 - £1000 for killing someone … and you cant kill anyone unless you have the money … =)

and Police should get paid for arresting someone and should loss money for killing.

another idea …
when someone kills someone a big sign comes up saying ‘ExamplePlayer Has Commited Murder’ But it only says that when your near someone, and it could come up saying ‘ExamplePlayer’ is Random Death-matching (after 5 kills within 10 minuets)

Maybe a few of these should be reduced for terrorists, but say terrorists get to kill 3 citizens and then they get demoted.

a few ideas there guys what do you think ?


Guys ive got the answer !!! Read

How you solve RDM on servers

  1. You have to buy a contract to kill someone e.g. Buy a contract to kill ExamplePlayer for $400

  2. When you kill that player it says ‘ExamplePlayer’ Murdered You, However you are now a different character however inherit your brothers possessions (please choose a new role-play name)

  3. Police have a tazer gun (Like a sniper) when it hits you, you turn into ragdoll and they can move you with their Physx gun. (they get fined for killing)

guys im gonna get some lua coders on steam, and im gonna make this for DarkRP to start with … and see what you think.

Wow… There should not be an Anti-RDM rule. in real life people have got shot just for the way they walk.

Which necessarily doesn’t apply to the majority of sane, normal people who don’t shoot people for walking funnily. If there is no Anti-RDM rule, doesn’t that encourage RDM’ing a little? What’s fun in getting shot while you’re, for example, in middle of a conversation, and then get shot again while you’re shopping and then get shot yet again for reading a newspaper, and all that within ten minutes?

Then again, people would likely retaliate against the murderer and they would perhaps get hunted down along with PK-auths, and if they continued to RDM, they could perhaps be banned…

Solution: Learn to RP fights instead of going lolpewpew and bawwing because you lost to someone who had a faster trigger finger and twitch reflexes than you do. RP’d fights shouldn’t go that way, imo.

There is … its called the law number 1 and im serious if you read the law it says first page

  1. You shall not murder.

also it was in the ten commandments from god.

  1. Thou Shall Not Kill

does it stop people ? No. Does the government try to stop it ? Yes ! so what are we doing ? we are trying to stop it, thats my point, and you just lost the point.

What, the law of which country of the world?

hmm, uzbekistan?


its universal if you haven’t heard of these then u need to get out more.

And you’re a VERY bad roleplayer.


You need to ICly stop it, not by banning someone. You can just instantly ban someone in real life.

In real life do people walk around with guns killing evreybody?

I think not. Im a very good roleplayer in fact, i think that guns are the cancer of RP. Im not saying remove them completeley, but make them expensive and enforce NLR and RDM rules nazi-style of strict.


Dont bring up the realism argument on something which is not realistic.

There should be no RDM rule or NLR rule.

The solution is to run the gun laws like Great Britain.

And the solution to prop blocking is destroyable props.